At Ivanhoé Cambridge, we strive to offer our employees - and future employees - a work environment that motivates and inspires.We are committed to meeting their needs and expectations - upstream wherever possible. Investing in an internal mobility program and encouraging employees to get involved in causes that are near and dear to their heart are two of the ways we achieve this objective. Moreover, we strive to give them the tools to grow in a workplace backed by the best management methods and an environment that reflects our professional ethics and core values.


At its core, our approach is defined by collaboration, agility and drive to excel and that is why our teams attract and develop the top talent in the industry.

Women in the workforce

Ivanhoé Cambridge promotes diversity by supporting women’s development in various activities within the organization.


Pay equity

Ivanhoé Cambridge adheres to the Quebec Pay Equity Act and applies these provisions to our offices and properties across the country. Our job classification system is founded on a point-based evaluation system and a pay structure that ensures pay equity through ongoing adjustments. Moreover, to ensure internal equity, we systematically update our job evaluations so that new or redefined positions are assigned to the appropriate pay scale.


Age groups
      Years of service

Opportunities for professional fulfillment

Ivanhoé Cambridge offers stimulating challenges to individuals who are driven to learn and grow. Our performance-oriented culture is rooted in diligence, integrity and the highest standards of excellence.

Professional development

Professional development is a priority for Ivanhoé Cambridge, as is training the next generation of professionals. Employees have access to a self-service training system that makes it possible to enhance key competencies we target: leadership skills and language proficiency.

Internship program

The internship program established in 2014 gives up-and-coming talents the chance to prove themselves and bring new energy to various teams. The internships are also an opportunity for us to build the workforce of tomorrow by identifying high-potential recruits early in their careers.

Committed to giving back

We are part of the cities and communities where we operate. Having a positive impact by giving back to these communities is consistent with our core values and our teams' aspirations. It's a shared responsability. We contribute financially to a range of charitable organizations, but it is also important for us to give employees the opportunity to get involved on a personal level with the causes that mean something to them. This helps ensure a more significant and sustainable outcome for the community, not to mention the motivational impact on our teams. Simply put, generosity is in our genes!


A collective volunteer effort by our employees in communities around the world where we operate.


We cover the registration fees of employees taking part in sports and fitness events designed to raise funds for a non-profit organization.


We undertake to double employees personal donations to the recognized charities or their choice.


We encourage our employees to volunteer with organizations that are important to them, offering them one paid day off each year for this purpose.

Committed to health and safety

Ivanhoé Cambridge is committed to providing safe facilities for all of our employees, tenants and visitors by maintaining and effectively implementing our health and safety management system.

This requires us to apply policies, procedures and practices that all contribute to our safety and security programs. Ivanhoé Cambridge monitors every potential risk that can impact our operations and implement appropriate measures to mitigate any related. We also integrate technologies that contribute to the safeguarding of our managed properties. This includes access control management systems, closed circuit televisions, and various hardware devices that enables to better secure our clients, our employees and our buildings.


Telecommuting: a practice that pays off

Since 2013, the telecommuting program is very popular with our employees. This working option enhances work-life balance, confirming its value as one of the Ivanhoé Cambridge’s best practices.